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Fox news: too biased or refreshing?
in Politics

By melanielustmelanielust 285 Pts
Fox News is one of the few outspokenly conservative media a journalist I condemn them for their bias, but as a conservative I have to admit it is refreshing to hear different opinions when liberalism has such control over the mainstream media. What do you guys think?

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  • CNN is the polar opposite of conservative news outlet Fox News. They are obviously right wing journalists, no doubt about it.
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  • It is very refreshing.
  • @comey_testify, I agree that it is refreshing is a "feel good" channel for conservatives.  
    Live Long and Prosper
  • There's no such thing as unbiased.  If you didn't care about the news, you'd never get into journalism.  I've said for years:  FOX isn't all that fair and balanced.  They ARE the balance.  "Oh no!  Someone is reporting from a point of view no one else is that half the country agrees with!  This is terrible!"
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 1699 Pts
    I browse Fox News headlines and top stories every now and then, along with New York Times, to see the currently popular narratives in both parts of the mostly-dual American political system. I find them to be comparable in how biased they are, albeit in slightly different ways.

    Fox News tends to feature more sensationalist headlines, present their stories in a more casual way with few sources and references, feature more opinion pieces in their news and overall present a more rugged narrative with regular barely covered logical fallacies.

    New York Times comes across as more professional, with calm and to-the-point headlines (albeit very explicit in their bias), their writing style is more official and usually is linked to real data, and they try to keep opinions in a separate column from the news. However, they also offer countless logical fallacies and unverifiable claims - and their style appears more pretentious, similarly dishonest at the core.

    Ultimately, both Fox News and New York Times are very poor places to obtain impartial information from. They are great for the people who do not like to face views they disagree with and who want to remain in their convenient echo-shell - but I would not recommend their usage to anyone who is serious about learning what is happening in the world.
  • My general rule of thumb is that if the news source is on cable television with a 24 hour news cycle, then it's biased and a poor source of news. Aggravating to me because I know there are plenty of people on both sides who solely rely on one of these news outlets.
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