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Civil Rights Movements in the 1900's (Hypothetical) - If Adolf Hitler was of African ethnicity
in History

By LoganL549LoganL549 33 Pts edited August 2017

If Adolf Hitler was of African ethnicity/origin/descent, or evidently had a dark skin tone (which conflicts with his policies regarding Aryanism), would the Civil Rights Movement have been set back, or even progressed (be it in Europe, or The United States)?

If so, subjectively and/or objectively, by how much (through assumption/logic, respectively) would it have been set back, or progressed?

How would he have affected, and contributed to political discourse at the given time-period?

Would he likely have added (to), or done away with, some policies and propaganda that he contributed the political and social zeitgeist that he was forming, and building upon?

(Hypothetically speaking, one might also suppose whether he would be able to gain all the power he had, had he faced discrimination and limitation from acquiring social and political power at any point, given the assumed racial background).

Sources allege Adolf Hitler has both African and Jewish ancestors (something disputable); negligibly more interesting is this: if it were true, how would his people, his political peers, and adversaries have viewed him, if this potential truth came out at any time during his (rise to) reign of power? Would it have made a difference, before or after he made his feelings and policies known about racial purity and the like? Were he more honest, aware, or acknowledging of his history, would that have affected his policies?

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  • If Adolf Hitler would have been African American the movement may have failed.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • LoganL549LoganL549 33 Pts
    edited August 2017
    If Adolf Hitler would have been African American the movement may have failed.

    By "the movement may have failed" I could assume you either mean, his campaign to power failed, or something like:

    He would have had a haltering or stopping effect on the Civil Rights Movement (whether permanent or temporary would be disputable), and how far outside/away from Germany "the movement may have failed" would be in question, depending on his span of influence (i.e. the Olympics, come to think of it).

    Is that considering whether or not his people would have accepted him into power, and if his policies would have changed?

    Also, just to correct you there, I know it's a bit of a habit for us Americans to say the particular phrase, but we wouldn't call him "African American"-- only African, along with whatever other ethnicit(y/ies) he definitely is a part of.

    Not to say that you didn't know not to call him American, probably just slipped up, but just for clarification. Unless we were to hypothesize a scenario in which he was, say, an African man who immigrated from America to Germany, in which case you weren't wrong.

  • When you compare Martin Luther King JR and the horrible Adolf Hitler, they are completely different people. If Adolf Hitler would have been of African decent and took over the campaign of Civil rights, he would not have succeed. He is a horrible person, and would not put forward the message of peace that Martin Luther King JR may have in his campaign for civil rights in the movement.
  • @yolostide I agree, Hitler would probably not put forward a message of peace. I suppose I mean, at the least, would he have protected or supported people of the same ethnicity as he? Basically, he claimed Aryans are superior, and I don't actually know if he considered himself (the closest thing to) one. Blonde hair, blue eyes, obviously he had neither, but still considered himself a German/man of his people. Sure, he would probably still discriminate against people such as the Jews, and he certainly would not advocate peace and equality FOR ALL in this hypothetical scenario, so I guess you are right that he would not have helped the entirety of the Civil Rights Movements to progress, given his policies. By and large, I would argue, though, that the 'largest' minority to date in places such as the Americas (as well as elsewhere, in places slavery was still prominent) was people of African descent. Not to say they were the only human beings fighting for equality who had to fight for Civil Rights, but just in the context I set, I suppose.

    I meant not to be offensive by comparing Adolf Hitler to anything related to the Civil Rights Movement, although obviously Martin Luther King Jr. comes to mind as the largest spearhead of the movement around the same time. I don't mean to compare a wartime criminal to a peaceful man, just setting a hypothetical context. Apologies.

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