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The Las Vegas shooting was a hoax
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By SilverishGoldNovaSilverishGoldNova 1175 Pts edited February 2018
My position: The Las Vegas shooting was a hoax.

Listening to any and all arguments for/against my position.

Question #2: Do you believe a 60 year old man had the time to disable all alarms and security systems in the hotel, before bringing up 400 pounds of supplies up 32 floors and breaking 800 pound hurricane proof glass to kill a bunch of people with no motive?

Update: I no longer believe, after debating it elsewhere, that this was a hoax.
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    How many people were killed and injured?

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    1. 59 Dead, 546 Injured
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Retired DebateIslander. I no longer come here actively, and many of the things that I may have posted in the past (Such as belief in the flat Earth theory) do not reflect on my current views.

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  • This is a major insult to the families of the victims... just so you know.
  • @Namemcname Not an argument, just a typically fallacious one liner by you.
    Retired DebateIslander. I no longer come here actively, and many of the things that I may have posted in the past (Such as belief in the flat Earth theory) do not reflect on my current views.

  • @namemcname You know, I never see you actually try to debate. Instead you join in with a fallacious one liner then go back to lurking. Please don't troll. If anyone has a legit argument come forward.
    Retired DebateIslander. I no longer come here actively, and many of the things that I may have posted in the past (Such as belief in the flat Earth theory) do not reflect on my current views.

  • The person performing just stopped and ran. There are videos of sounds of the gunfire going off and people panicking. How can you explain all the EMT's and everyone there helping were "in on it"? What evidence proves it was a hoax?   
    I could either have the future pass me or l could create it. 

    “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” - Benjamin Franklin  So flat Earthers, man-made climate change deniers, and just science deniers.

    I friended myself! 
  • I think it's highly unlikely that it was a hoax. There were hundreds of eyewitnesses. In order for this to be a hoax, the majority of those eyewitnesses would need to be lying about what they saw. Considering that many of the witnesses were from all over the country to attend a country concert, it doesn't seem likely that even an exceptionally powerful organization would be capable of making all of these people lie. Additionally, there is a considerable amount of footage of the event, meaning that it's not likely that some videos were doctored and that nothing at all happened that night.

    It's easier to understand how this crime was possible as well. I've stayed in multiple LV hotels and they all have one thing in common -- they want you to be excessively happy and comfortable because this makes you spend money, which their business model relies on. There aren't metal detectors. They do not check your bags and they will not carry them for you if you don't want. Additionally, they are busy. If you come in with a suitcase you will not be noticed, you simply go to the elevator, show the guy your card, and head up to your room.

    So it's definitely feasible that a guy managed to get multiple, heavy suitcases over some time period to the elevator. But you're right, he's an old guy and weapons are heavy. This is where the elevator part is important -- elevators lift things for you. Further, heavy suitcases are easy to maneuver, because physics heavily influenced the design of the rolling suitcase. When you tilt a suitcase, the weight attempts to topple back over -- up until you have angled the suitcase correct. At this point, the weight is resting squarely on the wheels and no further lifting is involved. To pull a heavy suitcase over hard or thinly-carpeted floors is also very easy, as wheels provide little resistance to the ground. It's why you can put a heavy washer on a dolly and still move it around with ease.

    Next, hurricane proof glass is not bulletproof. It is designed to withstand the impact of medium size objects as well as heavy winds. In both cases, the force is distributed over a large area. Bullets are another matter -- their force is distributed over a small area. A few bullets and the glass has a large hole in it.

    Finally, people kill other people for no reason all of the time. Often there is no apparent motive. It should not be surprising to hear that a terrible crime was committed that wasn't in the name of something obvious.

    TL;DR: Orchestrating such a hoax is near impossible, given the amount of video and first-person testimonial. Pulling off the crime is very feasible. These hotels are not (were not) concerned with checking you for weapons, they are concerned with bleeding you dry. People commit awful crimes without an apparent motive on a regular basis. A crime is not automatically a hoax because the perpetrator didn't write "Death to Country Music Fans" in pig's blood on the wall.
  • How was this a hoax? There were thousands of people there and do you think that the lead "prankster" went up to everybody at the concert and told them that there was a huge prank going down. Also, there were tons of people that died and if it was a hoax then how did they fake deaths because the victims are dead and in a prank you usually don't kill people so that everyone else believes it was real. Also nowadays 60-year-olds are actually in very good shape because it could have been a twenty-year-old man and that wouldn't change anything. 
  • I agree with what cobalt903 says about the hoax. I would also like to add that although it would be likely that a couple people will lie to big media news to get in on the action or to try to raise sympathy, that does not change what actually happened over the course of the shooting. The numbers may be different then what your poll lists, that is why I didn't vote, I understand that there may be a couple miscounts here and there, but same with what colbat903 said, there were so many people at the event, it would be hard for all of them to lie at once, especially with the footage shown.
    A good debate is not judged by bias, but in the context of the debate, where objectivity is key and rationale prevalent. 

  • We may never know.  Because what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas.

    Sorry, I just had to.
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