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Should US continue UFO program and is that an actual UFO?
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By agsragsr 851 Pts

Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program

Check out the video in nytimes.  Kinda looks like a UFO.  But maybe not?
I am not sure we should continue funding something like this.
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    should we fund the program?

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    Is it a UFO in the video?

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  • Looks like a ufo to me
  • Another waste of government funding.  
  • Aliens are far superior to us, I do not support the US' approach to aliens because they see them as an enemy to be captured, experimented on (without any animal or human rights easing their suffering) and lastly killed.

    They don't educate us on their findings, they keep it all hidden and that is unacceptable if you ask me.
  • someone234 Not all aliens are far superior to us. 
  • @Nope That's what they want you to believe. I know my place and I am so happy they chose me to be one of the prophets.
  • someone234 I am assuming that we are taking about aliens from spaces. You did not say what they are superior at so I am also assuming you are taking about overall. I would not call aliens that might resemble signal celled organisms superior which is probably what many aliens from space are.. I consider us humans to be overall manly superior to most organism on this planet. Many alien life most likely is less superior. 
  • @Nope they are mostly four dimensional or more, our three dimensions and five senses make them giggle.
  • someone234 Most aliens are four dimensional or more? What aliens are you taking about?
  • @Nope You think only in terms of what you can see or measure by your human means... They are there and will communicate with you once you admit that humanity is more corrupt than them and that you will take their side if it comes down to it.

    We must fix this universe piece by piece.
  • Yes, it can be part of NASA.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • someone234
    You said "Aliens are far superior to us". You never specified what aliens. I assumed you meant aliens in general. In which case there are probably most currently aliens less superior to us.
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