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Should cell phones be allowed in schools?
in Technology

Cell phones should be allowed in schools.
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    Should cell phones be allowed in schools?

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  • Cell phones should be allowed during lunch periods in schools, not during class.
  • @walterba

    Cell phones should also be allowed within the classroom. Teachers often use students' phones for educational purposes. Besides, phones can be allowed as long as they're off and away during teaching.
  • NopeNope 347 Pts
    Intellisio In my school all students have a school laptop so their is nothing a phone can do the laptops cannot except call which is not an educational purpose. That is what I use to get on this site. So in my school I see no reason to have phone in classroom. 
  • Cell phones should not be allowed in classrooms. Schools can provide laptops, tablets, etc. for educational purposes. Phones should be allowed during lunch periods.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • @Nope Although your school does provide any technology needed for educational purposes, students should still be ALLOWED to bring their phones to school. Whether they use it or not is a totally different argument.
  • NopeNope 347 Pts
    Intellisio I believe in my school phones should not be used in class but should be aloud to be used out side of class as that time is not being used for teaching and does not require attention. Students need to communicate with families some times in school and their is no reason to ban the use out of class.
  • I think that students should be allowed to bring their phones to school for EMERGENCY PURPOSES ONLY!! they should be allowed to call their parents if they need but not play on them.
  • @Intellisio ; if you want to talk about whether or not we should use them then go to the argument "should students be allowed to play on their phone at lunch"
  • Ah, I love this kind of subjects!

    Here is my take.

    From the legal point of view:
    1) Private schools should be able to set their own rules on this.
    2) Public schools should care not about what the child does during the class, but, rather, what the result of it is. If someone can play AngryBirds throughout the entire class and then ace the test, then let them do it. If, on the other hand, them playing AngryBirds leads to them failing at every class, then the school should have a chat with their parents and figure out the model that works better.
    I do not think schools should be able to just ban the phones during classes, but I do believe they should work with parents to find some compromise that works for everyone.

    From the practical point of view:
    1) Smartphones are awesome for education. If the teacher says something that you did not quite understand, then you can quickly google it! This is the future of education.
    2) To facilitate that, I think the classes should be redesigned. Rather than the teacher explaining the material, I think the students should instead do projects. Let them learn the material at home, and use the learned knowledge in class. Give them an intense project that they will do for the entirety of the class, that will have them retrieve a lot of information from the Internet - and they naturally will not be able to play games.
  • In my school, if you have a phone out or they hear it ring, you get 3 days of detention.  :joy:
    "Jimmy baby" -Chief Keef

  • @MayCaesar

    You make a good point, if someone can play angry birds and still conquer the tests, then let them do it. I would not have thought of that if you didn't bring it up, but the other students who suck at paying attention could be distracted by that. And they could also question why some people can do it, while others can't. You kinda got to have some consistency when you dish out rules. Regardless, as long as they're not specifically on the phones during class, I see no problem with letting them have phones in school.
  • Yes, most definetely phones should be allowed in schools. Of course we shouldn't have them out during school hours. Kids may need them for emergency or for where they go after school. What if you have to ride public transit or go through a unsafe neighborhood on the way to or from school?
  • You: *Has phone out*
    Teacher: GIVE IT TO ME

    You: *Gets bullied*
    teacher: Didn’t see it, so I cant do anything
    Sovereignty for Kekistan
  • Cell phones should be allowed in schools.
    I believe they should to contact your parents for detail about whether a club is cancelled or school bus is held by traffic but not play video games. Thats what I do. Video games are bad for you and don`t allow you to make friends but your parents NEED to take care of you.
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