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if we get to Mars then beer will not be bad
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By ale5ale5 245 Pts
Article -

"This semester, two Villanova astronomy students will perform follow-up experiments. That includes attempting to grow barley, the other essential ingredient for future Martian beer."

Talking about getting cart before the horse.  We have plenty of other priorities other than figuring out how to make beer on Mars.    That's a silly click bait by ny times
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  • I belive that they should try improving beer on Earth, not Mars.
  • Live Long and Prosper
  • I'll admit it seems funny.

    Just don't forget that often experiments have cross application.  Whether or not we can grow grain on Mars could impact more than just making beer, it's instead a broader question about growing crops.

    And then my other musing is I recently ordered some hot pepper seeds for my garden and got as a bonus back a pack of Eclipse pepper seeds and when I looked them up it turns out China in it's space exploration experiments has exposed various plant seeds to solar radiation and developed some funky plant strains because of it.  Thje eclipse apparently has a twisted shape and is quite interesting.  That fascinates me.  So what I'm saying is experiments about growing grain on Mars may result in cool, unusual, and usable plant variations which may or may not then get use back on earth.
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