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Trump tariffs expose rifts in GOP as Paul Ryan warns of trade war
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By natbaronsnatbarons 133 Pts
Are Trump’s tariffs dividing the GOP party?

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  • melefmelef 68 Pts
    No, Tarrifs may be supported by some congressmen and people that could be Republicans and Democrats.
  • PoguePogue 554 Pts
    If some congressmen and women support it but others don't (especially if it is the leaders speaking out against it) it is causing a rift which could lead to a divide (which it already is). Just look at this article, the speaker of the house, Pual Ryan said it could lead to a trade war
    "Congressional Republicans are making an eleventh-hour push to walk President Donald Trump back from the brink on tariffs, arguing that such levies would undercut his economic message." ;

    So yes, it is dividing the party, along with many other things (, you have the people who support Trump ad what he does and the opposition to him in the Republican party. 
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  • This comes down to what they bond on.

    Like think about the obvious:

    A family wouldn't tear apart over disagreeing over this.
    A corporation wouldn't fall apart over disagreeing over this.

    The bond in a family is not rooted in (and the roots run deeper than) the matter of agreeing on tariffs, in a corporation the greed and unity behind the paycheck and brand run deeper than the caring for political opinions.

    In a political party, however, this is less clear. Do their core issues still unite them strong enough against Dems and other minority parties to keep all members preferring GOP membership over the alternatives?

    If yes, then this won't break them.
    If no, this will break them.
  • someone234someone234 630 Pts
    edited March 2018
    ^^ Thanks Debra
  • edited March 2018
    The tariffs are not a Republican or Democratic issue, but is a bipartisan issue that some people and congressmen in both parties are against and favor.
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