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Senfield festivus for the rest of us holiday

By agsragsr 851 Pts
When Frank Costanza introduced Festivus holiday, I thought it was hillarious
  1. Live Poll

    Do we think someone actually celebrates Festivus as a real holiday with Castanza traditions

    18 votes
    1. We should for kicks
    2. No way
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  • I think they should, and it was very funny.
  • I also think that they should.
  • I agree with the others on this debate.
  • I agree, with the others as well. It was a very funny.
  • They should.
  • It was a great show, and innovative holiday. I am thinking of celebrating it next year. Lol.
  • Great show.
  • It was a good show.
  • That was a very good show for sure.
  • They should.
  • It was a very good show for sure.
  • I love that show
  • Great show
  • Good show..
  • I love it @agsr ;
  • I wouldn't celebrate that.
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