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Is Trump more similar to Hitler, Stalin, or Alec Baldwin
in Politics

Mr Trump, we love watching Alec Baldwin play you on SNL. But in real world are you more similar to Hitler or Stalin, with your political views and actions?
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    Is Donald Trump similar to Hitler or Stalin?

    7 votes
    1. Donald is similar to Hitler
    2. Donald is similar to Stalin
    3. Donald is not similar to these horrible dictators
    4. Wait, I thought we elected Alec Baldwin for President

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  • I am not saying that Trump is the next Hitler, but certainly his targeting of specific religion is similar to how Hitler started with the rise of the Nazi party.
  • Inc4t, it is dissapointing that you are comparing president Trump to Hitler. Hitler brutally elliminated 6 million jews as his mark in history, where Trump is decisively making this country great again. Big difference.
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney
  • Trump make America great campaign has similar theme as rise f Nazi Germany in early 1930s
  • First of all, I think Alec Baldwin did a great job at SNL in his Trump skids, that was very funny and he is a great actor in general. Love2Debate, that was a funny remark, well done.
    That said, I disagree with the comparison of Donald Trump and Hitler. That is just wrong, given the genocide and horrible crimes involved.
    I will say, that I was playing last week with someone apparently from Phillipines, and that person trying to distract me during the game messaged me that my president is Donald Duck. I chuckled, and when I won the game I messaged him back "who is the duck now". So in summary, I think the Alec Baldwin and Donald Duck comparison is funny, but Hitler completely uncalled for.
  • Instead, please check out the other excellent debate by agsr that compares Trump to Peter the great.
  • Well, I don't think that Trump is simialar to any of those dictators as well as Alex Baldwin. I don't understand where Alex Baldwin came from considering that he is nothin Ike Trump. He doesn't share his political views or most of them as well. I really don't undesrtsatnd ehybalex Baldwin is a platt of that debate.
  • He is not simialar to any of them.
  • I think that the poster meant Alec Baldwin as a joke. Baldwin did a great job playing Trump on TV, but while it was hilarious it was annoying that he continued to demonstrate Trump not in the most positive light...
    If I would be Trump, I certainly wouldnot think it was funny.
    Seriously though, I Do not think Trump should be compared to any of these characters, that is misplaced.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • I think that Trump's hatred towards Muslims is like Hitler's hate towards Jews. All he has done is label people and threatening to kick them out. What have these Muslims done to be treated like this? Nothing! The main brand that Trump is trying to promote and sell is hatred amongst ourselves.
  • I respectfully disagree @mjhhjm90 .  You are mixing racism vs protectionist policies.  Trump is not against Mexicans, but against illegal immigrants.  His ban is not a muslim ban, but an attempt to pla e structer vettimg from high risk countries (many of them happen to be predominantly muslim).
    Live Long and Prosper
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