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Android VS Apple
in Technology

Which is better. this is a very controversial topic so this should be fun.
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  • I don't need much from my mobile phone, though it has to be at least relatively new as I'll use it for website testing at work.

    With that in mind I prefer android as it can be used on cheaper less cutting edge phones, which is my main concern.
  • I have iOS on my iPad, and Android on my S9. Here is my two cents.

    iOS is much more user-friendly: things there just work. You do not need to play with various settings to get everything to a functional state. At the same time, the customization is very limited, many less-mainstream programs that are available on Android are not available in iOS (while the opposite is quite rare), and you are stuck with the design choices Apple made for the latest version of iOS - you do not have much choice.

    Android is for customization freaks and IT enthusiasts. You can tweak/customize literally everything, and there are many versions of Android supported at a given time. On the other hand, it took me 6 hours to get the software installer on my S9 to work, and I had quite a few problems with some of the software which worked like a dream in iOS. Android devices also really love having apps for absolutely everything, and often you cannot use the websites you are used to at all in Android, because those websites are only available via special app. I cannot stand the Google Maps app on my S9 (and it is the most important app installed there, as that is where I plan my driving routes, and I barely use the S9 anywhere outside driving sessions), but I have no choice: the browser version is not available and immediately redirects me to the ugly app.

    All in all, as I said many times in the past, I see the iOS vs Android debate as very synonymous to the Windows vs Linux debate. Linux has a lot of customization option and is great if you are, say, a programmer (I never work in Windows; my entire professional career is inseparable from Linux); but if you are just a user who needs things to work quickly, without spending dozens hours tweaking everything, installing libraries, etc. - then do not be a hardcore Tux fan, and go with the evil Windows. Same here: looking back, I should have bought an iPhone instead of an S. I got used to the S and am fine with it now, but I doubt I will ever find it as comfortable as I do its Apple counterpart.

    Android/Linux/BMW: for enthusiasts or professional users.
    iOS/Windows/Toyota: for people who want things to just work.
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