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The Jussie Smollet Attack: Real or Hoax?
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Position: Against
As we are all aware, a couple weeks ago, Jussie Smollet of the acclaimed "Empire" TV show was allegedly attacked by two people whom he claimed were white and were wearing MAGA hats. The alleged attack took place at 2 AM in the morning in Chicago and he claims the two people attacked him, yelled racial slurs at him, and tied a rope around his neck as he was leaving a Subway shop.

I believe this story to be false not just for reasons that I will bring up in the debate, but also because the whole story raises more questions than it answers. It seems to me that Smollet was just seeking for a way to garner national attention. Not to mention the fact that he is an anti-Trump celebrity. But that is my opinion. My opponent would need to convince me otherwise.

Remain civil through the debate.
Only accept if you can see the debate through.

I look forward to my opponents first thoughts in this debate.
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