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Are Alec Baldwin Trump SNL impressions appropriate?
in Politics

SNL is continuing an active series of Donald Trump impressions by Alec Baldwin. Many find these impressions hilarious, but is it more than good humour, and help to shape American opinion of Trump in a very one-sided negative way?
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    Are Alec Baldwin Trump SNL impressions appropriate?

    8 votes
    1. Yes - it is hilarious and all good fun
    2. No - although maybe funny, it is politically motivating and not appropriate

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  • I think that it's funny.
  • Major celebrities and (especially ) politicians are fair game for American satirists. You should not run for office if you can't take the inevitable lampooning that will follow, esp. if you're as controversial as Trump. I think Alex Baldwin's impression of Trump is funny and appropriate; but appropriate or not, our constitution guarantees he's free to do it as often as he likes.
  • I typically don't like when we publically make fun of our senior political figures, at times amplifying points that give wrong impression to the American people. That said, I just think SNL is so funny and that overweights my other points. Alec Baldwin, you are now officially the funniest Baldwin brother. :)
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Yes, they are appropriate.
  • Yes, they are. It's a joke, although Trump can't take any.
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