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Where is the proof that we came from monkeys?
in Religion

What if science is wrong?

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 1699 Pts
    edited May 2019
    I am not sure where this popular sentiment that "we came from monkeys" came from, but from what I know, it is not supported by science.

    A more accurate way to put it is this: humans and apes are different evolution strains, with humans possibly have evolved from apes, but with no conclusive evidence. Both humans and apes likely have evolved from rodents, although those particular rodent groups have gone extinct since then.

    Note that monkeys and apes are very, very different species (even though in many languages they are denoted by the same word). Both are primates, just like humans.

    I do not know how humans and monkeys exactly are connected, but humans almost certainly have not evolved from monkeys, and apes have not evolved from monkeys either. Although, again, if you are willing to consider the now-extinct monkeys, then, depending on the exact classification, such a sentiment, indeed, could be said.

    To summarise: as always, it is all complicated, more so than the phrase "Humans evolved from monkeys" or "Humans evolved from apes" would imply.


    As far as "proof" goes, there are no proofs in natural sciences, but there is plenty of evidence, fossilised and otherwise. By dating the found remains and cross-referencing them with each other and with the studies of presently existing animals, we can build an approximate coherent history of evolution of various species. There are many strains that we cannot connect with anything reliably, but even in those cases we usually can make educated guesses that, likely, are not too far away from the truth.

    If you want to see the specific evidence, you will need to read scientific papers. This is not something that can be answered in a short comment. It is like asking someone to explain how we know that neutron stars exist: one can write an entire book on this topic, and still not cover everything required to exhaust the topic.
  • @RealestThoughts

    Conversely, how about the question of the myth of Creation is correct? How comical and embarrassing this would present itself!

    The pseudo-christian has to either pick Genesis 1, or Genesis 2 in determining which CONTRADICTING Creation narrative they are to believe.
    Unfortunately, they in turn have to accept that what their brutal serial killer Yahweh/Jesus god said once, he didn't mean for his followers to take
    in many different and contradicting ways.

    Besides, the Christian Hebrew god is a terrible designer of his creation, whereas his designs are embarrassing to say the least, and need repair all the time by subsequent doctors  to his initial design.

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