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Given the nature of our physical reality, present scientific theory on energy production is flawed
in Technology

  • Today’s science holds as presumption that energy, that is electrical potential, cannot be  self-generated and self-sustained
  • Science also generally accepts that a one time, none of this, what we call ¨the universe¨existed, and rather can into existence from an ¨infinitesimal speck,¨But, the two broad schools of thought exist- Everything came from nothing and everything was always here.
  • Regardless of which of these two beliefs one accepts about the nature of origins, the entire theory that energy cannot be self-generated or sustained is irreconcilable with the reality that we are here.
  • In the first scenario, that the infinitesimal speck of matter grew into wwhat we have today, that is clearly self-generating electrical potential, because all of that additional mass is energy.
  • In the second scenario, if it had just always been here, forever, it would have burned out some time ago should the scientific establishments claims be true, the the energy cannot be produced or sustained freely and in self-contained, 100%+ efficient manner.

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 1699 Pts
    The energy conservation law is only expected to work for our Universe, however; there is no reason for it to work on a bigger scale, if there is one. At the instantaneous moment of the Big Bang the energy doesn't have to be conserved, since that moment connects the state of non-existing Universe with the state of existing Universe.
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