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Who won the Democratic Debate's?
in Politics

The winner of the first debate was the current POTUS.

The winner of the second debate was the current POTUS.

From the first debate, Elizabeth Warren, was asked, the most questions, in comparison to the rest of the other Liberal candidates?

And it was educational to listen to Chuck Todd, ask the Liberal candidates, the Impeachment question? 

So Warren, and Todd, were the most entertaining individuals, from the first debate.

From the second debate, Kamala Harris, appeared to be trying to use Joe Biden, as her own platform device?

And Sanders, increased the media spotlight on himself, with his Tax answers?

To those 20 Liberal candidates, why didn't you utilize the term "Flat Tax," tax an answer?

Why shouldn't all of the states, in the United States, pay their equal share in taxes via the Flat Tax?

Why go after the Rich, when equal representation Tax wise, would be to have all of the state's, paying their fair share, in taxes?

Unless some of those same Liberals, are living in, some of those states, that aren't paying taxes, like the rest of the states in the country are? 

This way everyone is getting taxed, just like the Rich, are getting taxed?

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  • SharkySharky 58 Pts
    While I only watched the first hour of the second debate, I can hardly imagine how anyone could claim to have "won". A group of people who aspire to lead our country cannot seriously or credibly stand up on stage and advocate for open borders AND 'free' health care for illegal immigrants. Why didn't any moderator ask them, "How many illegal immigrants will have to be admitted before you determine that we've taken on enough? Should we admit everyone in the world who wants to come here simply because they think it will be better than where they are? What do you sat to American taxpayers- who are already on the hook for over $20 trillion in debt- when they say they'd rather not be forced to pay for unmitigated illegal immigration?"

    As for this fawning praise of Kamala Harris, all I can say is, "Why?" When Harris said, "The people don't want to see a food fight, they want to know how we're going to put food on their table", why didn't anyone point out that it is NOT the job of American politicians to put food on the table of the citizenry. When she made the snarky comment about being bused to school as a child in California, all I could think was, "so what?" How was that little fact relevant to the discussion in any way? She attempted to imply that Joe Biden had praised racist Democrat Senators back in the day when he had done no such thing. The mini-coronation of Harris is probably indicative of the predictable, biased treatment she'll get from the MSM from now on through to November, 2020. 

  • @Sharky ;
    A republican won the Democratic debate. How a person can prove that not one Democrat won the debate is by  substantiate that a democrat is republican's by simply just voting in a republic of judicially established united state. It's not about who is smarter it is about who is explaining the more compete truth and why.
  • TKDBTKDB 187 Pts
    From Fox news:


    "Cal Thomas: 10 questions Dems should have been asked in debates – But weren’t"

    "The first poll after the debate spells trouble for Joe Biden"

    "Joe Biden drops 10 points in a Morning Consult/FiveThirtyEight poll after his first 2020 presidential debate."

    "The likelihood I would ever be invited to serve on a network panel questioning the Democratic presidential candidates is equivalent to an invitation to take the next trip to the moon."

    "Still, as I tortured myself watching the two "debates," which were not really debates, but mostly a show of memorized sound bites, I thought of unasked questions that ought to have been put to them all."

    "Question 1: Some of you have, or had, the power to change many of the things you now say are wrong with America. Why didn’t you?"

    "Question 2 (for Joe Biden): You and President Obama, for a time, had a Democratic majority in Congress. Why didn’t you reform immigration laws and address homelessness? Your administration deported a lot of people who were in the country illegally, so why criticize President Trump for wanting to follow your example? Do our laws mean nothing?"

    "Question 3: During the second debate, all of you raised your hands when asked if you would provide free health care to immigrants who are here illegally. Aren’t you inviting even more to come to America with such a policy, and wouldn’t that add to our already staggering debt? Follow-up: Trump said we should take care of Americans first. Why would you use American tax dollars to pay for people who break our laws?"

    "Question 4: Is there anything Trump has done that you could praise? Many of you talk as if unemployment hasn’t declined — especially for minorities — and wages haven’t risen. Unemployment is at, or near, record lows and wages are up."

    "Question 5: Some of you think raising taxes again is a good idea, but with $22 trillion in federal debt and with record amounts of revenue already coming into Washington, isn’t the real problem uncontrolled spending? Follow-up: Are there any government programs you would cut or eliminate?"

    "Question 6: Many of you have a lot of complaints about the United States. Is there anything positive you could say?"

    "Question 7: Many of you have criticized President Trump for confronting Iran and withdrawing from the nuclear deal. Iran is a major sponsor of terrorism in the world and its leaders say they have a religious mandate to wipe out Israel and impose Islamic law on everyone. How would you negotiate with their leaders and what is your plan for fighting terrorism?"

    "Question 8: Some of you say Russia is the greatest existential threat and others name China. Russia has been supporting the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad and the crumbling dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. Russia has also sent a warship to Cuba. How would you oppose Russia’s adventurism and China’s expansionism? How would you deal with China spying on us?"

    "Question 9 (for Sen. Kamala Harris): You attacked Joe Biden for working with segregationist senators during his time in the Senate. He (and Lyndon Johnson, who pushed through significant civil rights legislation in the ’60s) said it was necessary in order to accomplish anything. If you were in the Senate at that time, would you have refused to work with those senators, possibly scuttling significant legislation that has led to improvements in the lives of many Americans, including African-Americans?"

    "Question 10: There have been 60 million abortions in America since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, black women are more than five times as likely as white women to have an abortion. Does this trouble you? Follow-up: Some states allow babies to die if they survive an abortion and some call that infanticide. Are you opposed to that practice?"

    "These questions and others might have provided more useful information to the public than the ones tossed at the candidates. As I say, though, it is unlikely I will ever have a chance to ask them and the network stars won’t either."

    "Cal Thomas is America's most widely syndicated op-ed columnist. His latest book is "What Works: Common Sense Solutions for a Stronger America". Readers may email Cal Thomas at tcaeditors@tribune.com."

    I like the above questions, that Mr. Thomas posed in his opinion piece.

    Now, what is the likelihood, that any of the 24 Democrats, campaigning to become the next POTUS, might take the time to read the above article, and ask for an interview on Fox News, with Mr. Thomas?

    My guess, would be zero, because the above questions, would be difficult, to provide proper answers to them? 

  • SharkySharky 58 Pts

    Great post. The failure of the leftist lapdog media to ask even one of those questions underscores the fact- not the opinion- that they are effectively the communications wing of the DNC. After the MSM enthusiastically dove into the tank for Obama in 2008 and gave him a free pass to the White House, complete with no tough questions, no in-depth investigation into the candidate's shadowy life history and certainly no critical examination of his policy agenda, I gave up completely on them ever doing their real job again. I already knew that they would never be fair or unbiased towards Republicans but I really did not expect them to completely abdicate their responsibility to vet Presidential candidates thoroughly and properly. Clearly, Democrats holding unchallenged power is far more important to the MSM than keeping the public accurately informed. 
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 1699 Pts
    They all featured sorry display. Biden was the only one whose ideas made sense to me, but of course everyone else picked on him for being too out of the current Democratic loop. I say he won the debate still, because, in the end, he was the one making the largest amount of sense, despite not being able to stand up to the bullies.
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