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Key Person Insurance is Only for Founders?
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Recently, I am studying various kind of business and employee insurance. In the beginning, I thought that key man insurance is in favour of performers either they belong to lower level management or top-level desks but later, it came into my knowledge that key man insurance is usually taken for top-level management like for CEOs and founders. Actually, our UK based office was about to apply for key man insurance from here for two sellers who performed incredibly for the first half of this year. 

However, later on, many of our sister companies told us that it could be damaging for us if these employees switch from our company to other ones and we will have to bear the burden of these premiums. I also read this article in this regard, but if you have experienced this kind of situation before then, please share your opinion with us.

I am waiting for your recommendations and analysis. 

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    Key Man Insurance is Only for Founders and CEO?

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