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What's more offensive to you?
in Politics

The yearly gun violence that occurs in the United States, or Peace?

Race on race crime, or non race on race crime? or no crimes, being committed at all? 

Adoption, abortion, or a lady giving birth to baby?

Liberal Socialism, Conservatism, or an Independent stance? 

Earning an honest paycheck, or picking money, from up, off the street, that came out of the back of an armored car, by accident?

The 300 Sanctuary Cities in the United States, or the United States, being Sanctuary City free? 

Blue Lives Matter, or Black Lives Matter, or All Lives Matter? 

A drunk driver, a drugged driver, or a sober driver? 

The states that have legalized recreational marijuana, or those states, that haven't legalized recreational marijuana?

The illegal immigrants or aliens, that have been coming into the United States illegally since the 1980's?
Or the immigrants that have gone through the process of becoming legalized US citizens?

A Border barrier, or wall existing along the southern border, or the non existence of a Border barrier, or wall?
Or some of the citizens of the United States, voluntarily donating their own hard earned money, to help in the construction of a Border barrier, or wall? 

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 1699 Pts
    I fail to see how entities expressed as nouns can be offensive. Something you can say can be offensive; something that just exists cannot be offensive, and it is a part of nature.
  • TKDBTKDB 187 Pts
    edited July 2019

    All of the expressed questions, are self explanatory.

    So could you please, stick to the expressed questions at hand? 
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