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Will Tesla Electric Cars Become More Efficient?
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As of now, Tesla Electric Cars such as Tesla are not very efficient. Will they become more efficient?
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  • Yes, when there are new innovations, in the beginning they're not very efficient (usually). Like normal cars, which were invented a while ago, now they are very efficient. I believe that Tesla will follow that trend. 
  • Yes I believe that they will.
  • Please define your terms.
    Are you talking about electrical efficiency as expressed in miles of range, or cost efficiency?
    Range will improve because the battery technology is constantly improving, so it's almost a foregone conclusion that newer and newer models will have more and more range as time goes by.
    Also, breakthroughs in car body design will likely result in a lighter vehicle which will allow less energy to be expended for every mile driven.

    Don't forget, when it comes to technology, "Every year is a decade" ;)
    "The Left ones think I'm Right, the Right ones think I'm wrong."
    ---Leon Russell, "Magic Mirror"

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