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Valuable lesson how to deal with rejection - post comment in WashingtonPost supporting Trump
in Politics

By agsragsr 851 Pts
In a great TED talk, "What I learned from 100 days of rejection", Jia Jiang spoke how everyone shoud learn how to deal with adversity, by putting themselves in an uncomfortable situation where people will reject you or tell you no.  I enjoyed his Ted Talk and decided to expose myself to rejection (and in this case personal insults), by posting a reply in WashingtonPost Trump-related article, expressing my support for Trump's position on that specific topic.  My first comment quickly received numerous replies from Trump haters, leaving me feeling like being attacked by green flies, with anything questioning my intelligence and my level of education. 
That article had about 1500 comments, and my comment received most replies. Remembering the lesson from the Ted Talk, now prepared for personal attacks, next day  I posted another comment on a Trump-relatedWashingtonPost article.  Wow. Pretty much same reaction.  This time I knew what to expect and was ready for the personal attacks.  I got a very similar reaction.  Again my comment was the one with most replies.  This time I didn't take it personally, and calmly replied to all replies with a logical counter-argument.  
In both cases, I didn't get much support from Trump fans. I guess they know better and stay away from aggressive anti-Trump comments sections of Washington post.  That was a valuable lesson from me, applying Ted talk principles, and everyone should do something similar in preparing for real life confrontations with Adversity.

First Washingtonpost article: Trump called the press the enemy

The public is getting tired having media publish half baked or stretched stories to discredit President Trump. We realize that trashing Trump is good for ratings, but common guys - he is the President of the United States and you are supposed to be professional journalists. Check your sources, show respect. A debate on 
shows clear consensus that 88%of voters agree that Trump is right and is not taking it too far backlashing on the media. 
I think that media should stop attacking Trump, and should fear that he will sign an executive order to ban them 

Second Washington post article: Pence tries soothing anxious leaders with pro EU

I fully expect to be attacked by anti-Trump folks for making this comment, but I think he will continue to support our allies in a way that is fair, and at the same time represents best interest of OUR Country. Trump made it clear with the preceents he already set that he will set American interest first, but he is a savy business man and will not jeopardize long term established relationships we have with our allies. 
Therr is a debate on on this topic this am, shortly after this article came out and so far vast majority have voted that Trump will continue to provide support. 

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    Are most WashingtonPost readers anti-Trump?

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  2. Live Poll

    Was posting a comment supportimg Trump in Washington post a good idea?

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    2. No
  3. Live Poll

    Would you consider doing something similar in learning to face rejection?

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  • Agsr, I also saw that same TED video
    and found it inspirational.  
    WashingtonPost is anti-Trump and I give you credit for doing is.  That was a great idea.
    I am also not too comfortable with rejection, and may do something similar to establish more anti-rejection stamina.  Great post!
  • Yes, I believe that most Washington Post readers are in fact anti-Trump. It would not be smart to be pro-Trump on Washington post. This would be an amazing rejection drill.
  • I just watched the TED video. It is insightful, and excellent idea to follow.  
    Washington Post like many other media companies target Trump, and cater to anti-Trump readers in their articles.  That explains why you didn't get much support from Trump followers in your comment.  
  • I also just saw the TED video and also think it is very good. The way you applied the lesson from the TED video is really creative.  I personally wouldn't put myself to that level of aggression by Anti-Trump Washington Post readers, and I admire your perstistamce and willingness to improve yourself. 
    I look at Washington Post as a business and as you clearly demostrated their readers are anti-Trump, so the only way they will sell their content is by publishing material that appeals to that specific audience.  It is similar to why you wound't post articles about sports in a New Mother magazine. 
  • I actually don't support Trump's position on the 2 issues.  However, I love this TED video and how you used a practical example to face adversity.  That should help you be more resilient to rejection and adversity in real life setting.  Great idea, AGSR.
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney
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