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Who is your favorite character from show Suits?

By agsragsr 851 Pts
Popular show Suits recently ended 6th season. Were you binge watching all the drama? So who is your favorite character..is it Mike Ross, Harvey, Donna, Jessica? Please dont tell us it is Louise Litt.
Favorite Suits character
  1. Live Poll

    Favorite Suits character

    10 votes
    1. Mike Ross
    2. Harvey Specter
    3. Donna
    4. Loiuse Litt
    5. Jessica
    6. Rachel
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  • Mike Ross is my favorite, he is very condescending and you never know what he will do next, perfect character great job by the writers.
  • My favorite character is Mike Ross. He has exceltional memory skills that inspired me to take memory training. There is actually such a thing as memory world championship, and I bet he could win it.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Harvey specter, is my favorite so i disagree and second is Donna, good character.
  • I will go with Donna, fun character and great job to the writers again. Overall, great show. Oh, also as Usersiutup1282 said and afar, great character picks as well. Great debate! Also, debateisland.com is absolutely wonderful. I believe that they should make a special section for suits.
  • Definitely, Harvey Specter For Me! Also, great website!
  • Louise Lott, by far!
  • Rachel is the favorite for me, I dislike some of the other characters.
  • My favorite is mike Ross, always a step ahead of the game.
  • I like Mike Ross and Jessica. I am aware that she is not a highly popular character for the viewers, but something about her is appealing as a character. I went for her in the poll, but I like the characters about the same.
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