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Bill Potts Doctor Who - spice things up for male viewers?

By inc4tinc4t 184 Pts edited April 2017
The first ever Doctor Who Lesbian assistant added to Doctor Who, but why?
Was it for male viewers , as we have seen in the opening season episode?
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    Bill Potts Doctor Who - spice things up for male viewers enjoying girl on girl?

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  • That was deliberate. I am not sure that I found Bill Potts attractive, but it is interesting that Doctor Who is now introducing LGBT into the mix to appeal to male audience.  That hand holding scene towards the end definitely implied a sexual connection and they may choose to further develop that theme, while keeping it PG13.
    in prior Doctor assistants the assistant often has a relationship (boyfriend, etc) and that can be consistent with that theme between Potts and the Water-girl.
  • Yes, it's a little bit spiced up.
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