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Reddit Debate Religion (/r/DebateReligion) vs DebateIsland Debate Religion
in Religion

By inc4tinc4t 184 Pts
Reddit Debate Religion has over 40,000 subscribers , but does that make it better to debate Religion than DebateIsland Religion section at
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    Reddit Debate Religion vs DebateIsland Debate Religion

    5 votes
    1. Reddit Debate is better
    2. DebateIsland Religion is better than Reddit Religion

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  • I prefer the debateisland debates.
  • Looks like we now have quite a few debaters passionate about religion at DebateIsland.  This religion category was just created within a week and got lots of traction.  I think that @Logic is by far the largest contributor to religion debates.
    I learned a lot about various opinion by his other debateIslanders debates.
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