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Will The New Self-Driving Google Car Take Off Quickly?
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By averyaproaveryapro 132 Pts
I don't think that the google car will take off very fast since it is a new self-driving car and it is the first self-driving car made so I don't think that it will take off very quickly because there are going to be a lot of technical difficulties and then they will have to take it out of the sales and fix it which could cause a change in a lot of different variables so I think that it might have some sales but they will be in breaks because they will sell some and then a customer will complain about something. Then boom. The car gets taken out of all dealerships and then gets fixed and this process continues to repeat until most or all things are fixed.
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    Will The New Self-Driving Google Car Take Off Quickly?

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  • randalrandal 67 Pts
    Yes, with the advertising google ca do and fairly high demand, I believe it will take off fast.
  • I think it will have slow adaptation due to initial bugs and switch cost. For those of us with not-self driving cars, we are not going to switch right away.  I do think that by 2030-2035 it will have widescale adoption.
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