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Who invented toilet?
in History

By love2debatelove2debate 182 Pts
It’s an open debate: Who invented the modern toilet? Apocrypha holds that it was Thomas Crapper, a nineteenth-century English plumber, but the real story actually begins much earlier. In the West, while his technology was never commercialized, credit is now given to Sir John Harington, who invented a water closet in 1596 for his godmother, Queen Elizabeth I. In the East, innovation stretches back much further. Archaeologists recently unearthed a Han dynasty latrine dating to 206 BC. Complete with a running water supply, stone bowl, and an armrest, this 2,400-year-old Chinese technology looks downright modern. 
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    who invented toilet?

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    1. Thomas Crapper
    2. Sir John Harington
    3. 2400-year old Chinese technology
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  • inc4tinc4t 184 Pts
    Sir John Harington for Queen Elizabeth I.  The other 2400 old Chinese example might have introduced visual design but I didn't think there was prove of actual plumbing 
  • Thomas created the toilet. I think the ones before that were more like outhouses, and don't count.
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