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Federal judges reject GOP attempt to block Pennsylvania district map
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By walterbawalterba 58 Pts
Will this cause Republicans to lose congressional seats in Pennsylvania?

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  • I don’t belive that this would cause the GOP to lose congressional seats In Pennsylvania, because the state may have many Republicans.
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  • I would disagree with this, technically speaking, Pennsylvania has been a light-medium Democratic held state. The result of the Congressional drawing was a result of gerrymandering, or the process in which a party divides the lines to isolate a group of voters to vote for their candidate into office. The judge blocked this because it was unfair toward the Democrats, and so the lines were drawn by a person from outside of Pennsylvania, I believe from Stanford University. This may not affect the elections, but it might lead more people to distrust the Republican's process and methods for trying to get more voters to vote for them.
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  • You do realise that rep and dem is a game yes? Whichever one wins, it doesn't affect the inner circle...
  • The Dems are likely to pick up 3 or 4 seats.  Interestingly, there appears to be diminishing returns in a wave election; that is to say, the greater the wave, the fewer the seats they'll receive due to the redrawn map.


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