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Do you agree with open letter to Trump asking to reconsider immigration restrictions?
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By agsragsr 851 Pts
200 startups, investors and innovators wrote an open letter to Trump arguing the point that anti-immigration proposed policy will cause hardships to our country. There are multiple points being argued, so let's debate it on Debate Island.
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    Do you agree with the arguments In the open letter?

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  • He is now the president, it's not appropriate any level.
  • As the other user said, that's ridiculous. Trump is the president now.
  • No, that is not respectful.
  • No, that is not respectful to any extent.
  • I think it is fair and appropriate.  The letter actually argues some good specific points that are true or atleast defensible.

    we can debate these specific points if you'd like, but it seems that some folks above are taking offense to the fact that it is an open letter?
    The American startup ecosystem has always welcomed people of all backgrounds and origins. The global preeminence of the U.S. technology sector has been driven in large part by immigrants and their creation of and contributions to American startups
    2)Limits on the movement of immigrants into the U.S. based on their nationality or religion are antithetical to American values and send the message that the U.S. is no longer open for innovation.
    3) that immigrant workers at all skill levels make a positive impact on the U.S. economy. Research that specifically analyzes the impact of H-1B workers has found that for every 100 immigrants with advanced degrees in STEM fields, an additional 86 jobs are created among U.S. natives

    Startups depend on the talents of immigrants to address significant shortfalls in the availability of technical, skilled IT professionals. The fact that so many startups rely on H-1B visas only serves to illustrate this fact.

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