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Telsa underground tunnels a good idea?
in Cars

By agsragsr 851 Pts
Sometimes I wonder if Elon Musk ever sleeps and if he has an army of clones working for him :)   How is he pursuing all these transformational ideas all at once.  Now, the underground tunnels to transform transportation- could go nicely with self-driving cars.
Is that a good idea?  The key success factors: will it actually work at scale, will it be profitable, will it be safe?
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    Telsa underground tunnels a good idea?

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  • manetaimanetai 29 Pts
    Another great idea by Eon Musk the visionary genius him self.
  • felkrfelkr 15 Pts
    Good idea. I like the new features, can now see how many responses there are.
  • Elon Musk is amazing
  • Amazing idea, can bring them to another level.
  • LogicLogic 254 Pts
    No, I think he should stick to the entire colonizing Mars idea.
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